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Banco ABC Capital  Mexico

Financial Data

Below is a list of financial results for Banco ABC Capital, Mexico City. (Bank Holding Company)
There are 4 years of financial data for this bank.
Financial Datapoint 201120122013
Cash and Balance at Central Bank(s)
Gross Total Loans
Loans and Advances to Financial Institutions
Loans and Advances to Corporate Customers
Loans and Advances to Public Institutions
Loans and Advances to Retail Customers
Retail Mortgages
Commercial Mortgages
Trading Securities
Available-for-Sale Securities
Held-to-Maturity Securities
Derivatives (Assets)
Total Assets
Deposits made by the Central Bank
Gross Total Deposits
Retail Customer Deposits
Deposits by Banks
Corporate Customers Deposits
Derivatives (Liabilities)
Trading Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Financial Datapoint 201120122013
Net Interest Income
Net Non-Interest Income
Net Fee and Commission Income
Net Trading Income
Unrealized Gains or Losses on Financial Instruments Designated at Fair Value
Other Non-Interest Income
Total Operating Income
Total Impairment Charges and Provisions
Loan Impairment Provisions
Other Financial Assets Impairment Provisions
Other Impairment Charges and Provisions
Net Operating Income
Operating Costs
Staff Expenses
General and Administrative Expenses (excluding depreciation)
Total Profit or Loss on Discontinued Operations & Extraordinary Items
Pre-Tax Profits
Financial Datapoint 201120122013
Core Tier 1 / CET1
Tier 1 Capital
Innovative Tier 1 Capital
Tier 2 Capital
Total Risk-Weighted Assets
Credit Risk-Weighted Assets
Market Risk-Weighted Assets
Operational Risk-Weighted Assets
BIS Capital Adequacy Ratio (Core Tier1 %)
BIS Capital Adequacy Ratio (Tier 1)
BIS Capital Adequacy Ratio (Total)
Financial Datapoint 201120122013
Total Number of Customers
Number of Retail Customers
Number of Corporate Customers
Number of ATMs
Employees (Total)
Branches (Total)
Financial Datapoint 201120122013
Capital Assets Ratio
Return on Assets
Return on Capital
Cost/Income Ratio
RWA to TA Ratio
Return on RWA
Credit Risk to Total RWA
Market Risk to Total RWA
Operational Risk to Total RWA
Loans to Deposits Ratio
Net Interest Income to Gross Operating Income
Net Fee and Commission Income to Gross Operating Income
Total Impairment Charges as a % of Total Operating Income
Loans to Assets Ratio
Total Impairment Charges as a % of Gross Total Loans