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Singapore’s biggest lenders have preserved their leading positions in the 2018/9 ranking. DBS held onto its top billing, while compatriots United Overseas Bank and Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation round out the top three. However, interesting stories are emerging elsewhere in the region; for example, the Philippines is a market to watch. The country’s banks notched up a combined increase of 19.5% in Tier 1 capital, while its top-ranking bank, BDO Unibank, saw a                                                                  37.3% jump. Indonesia has the highest number of banks in the ranking, with 26 institutions.

Top 5 Banks

Bank Name Latest FYE Tier 1
Total Assets Pre-Tax
DBS Bank 31-Dec-17 $32,407 m $386,351 m $3,862 m icon
United Overseas Bank 31-Dec-17 $24,045 m $267,606 m $3,139 m icon
Oversea Chinese Bankin... 31-Dec-17 $21,612 m $339,506 m $3,892 m icon
Maybank 31-Dec-17 $15,206 m $188,498 m $2,487 m icon
Bangkok Bank 31-Dec-17 $11,749 m $94,134 m $1,259 m icon

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