FEATURED RANKING: The euro’s continuing fall against the dollar held back the major players in the EU, but Austria made a startling comeback and there was further good news from Romania and Croatia.

Top 5 Banks

Bank Name Latest FYE Tier 1
Total Assets Capital
Assets Ratio
HSBC Holdings 31-Dec-15 $153,303 mn $2,409,656 mn 6.4 icon
Credit Agricole 31-Dec-15 $84,522 mn $1,846,586 mn 4.6 icon
BNP Paribas 31-Dec-15 $83,537 mn $2,167,601 mn 3.9 icon
Banco Santander 31-Dec-15 $79,867 mn $1,456,804 mn 5.5 icon
Barclays 31-Dec-15 $78,558 mn $1,671,660 mn 4.7 icon

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